Saturday, June 30, 2007

moving home to

Finally a place called home.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

10 weeks secret project

Just to get this off my chest, I planned the project for already few years, now I have the chance to do it. It's already on going for 2 weeks, it's going well. Unfortunately I have to apologize here for not able to disclose more detail on it. Because it's a secret:).

Most of my spare time I will spend on the project, which means a lot less party, less going out, less sports, less fun...

The good thing is it's a quite rewarding experience, not only my long term plan will benefit from the project, but also from the project I can gain stuff. I'm still loving it.

However it's not a easy job, it requires much work and dedication, so I need to work harder than before. For people who know me, please don't ask me what project is it, when time is right, I will share it with everyone on the blog.

Hey happy children's day, pls come back to this blog if you find it interesting.

btw, Summer outing is out in my company, and week after next week, my team is going out for a fancy French restaurant. Bye for now.