Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sleepless in Haas (Shanghai)

Today I went to a Haas student chat in Shanghai. 2 student of class 2008, 1 student of 2007 admit and about 15 prospect students attended.

Haas is very popular among applicants in high-tech industry. According to Patrick and Momo Haas gives out about 15 offers each year to PRC. This year about 6 are going says Momo. 1 from Shanghai(Momo) 5 from Beijing. Each year one scholarship (tuition waiver) for PRC usually to the highest GMAT score. So target adjusted to 750 for me...

What I learned the most today is that it's okay to go to study MBA without a detailed plan. Ping challenged that I don't have management experience so I didn't know what I am going for my career. Patrick said today most people going for MBA don't have a detailed plan about what they gonna do later. But it's important to have a direction, it's okay when you finish your MBA and say hey I want to do something else. I will either do product management/product marketing or start-up in high-tech for my career. So MBA will be a good tool for me to reach that goal.

It was a nice district, however the bar chosen(Old Movies) was not so good. The bar ripped us off by demanding each of us ordering at least 50 RMB (around 7 USD) tea/snack/coffee.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A music video I enjoyed today

It is on the tip of every one's tongue. This song just sings it out. It's true, people just need to get a bit closer...

Bonus video: Travis - Closer