Thursday, February 15, 2007

Home sweet home

Time surely flys fast. Now I am home again for Chinese new year!
It's about 5 degrees Celsius here, and it's raining.
This is typical for my hometown. It feels very warm to be with my family. I take my camera with me so I will upload some pictures now and then.

Happy holidays everyone!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Back from Ningbo (宁波)

last last weekend, 2 days trip in Shanghai :) Pictures 2be uploaded later.
last weekend 2 days trip to a 4 hours away from shanghai city called Ningbo.


  • Seafood is SOOO GREAT. I was so hungry and I keep eating eating and eating, so no picture of food taken this time. My apologies
  • City is great too. A good escape from the hustle and bustle Shanghai.
  • People are greater:). Nice and friendly (though I had a little water-fight using my paddle with a couple of local boys on the other boat)
  • Taxi drivers are good. I mean they drive like F1 driver, yahoo!
  • A city like this should be 30 mins maximum from Shanghai~!
  • Night life isn't as fancy as Shanghai
  • There might not be enough high-end jobs for young professionals
4 of 5. Definitely a recommend if you have a few days to kill. I will visit there again, when there's plenty of seafood in autumn.

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